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5 Unique Wooden Gift Ideas for Family & Friends

Are you having a hard time deciding what gift you should buy for your loved one? You are in the right place! Figuring out what gift to buy can sometimes be really confusing, especially if you don’t have any idea about the recipient’s personal preferences. 

Wood Photo Prints – Make Your Best Memory Last Lifelong

Have you ever thought of printing some of your best photos on wood? If you want your photos to appear as strikingly good to others, the best option available to you is to go for wood photo prints. Woods make a nice canvas for printing your photos and make the...

4 Key Advantages of Using Wooden Products as Gift Items

In this day and age of technology, it is almost impossible for anybody to think of gift items that are fresh, natural and economical at the same time. We all are after technology and popularity but, something out-of-the-box always brings a fresh vibe. And this becomes special. We are referring...

8 Reasons to Choose Custom Wood Picture Frames for Your Loved One

When it comes to giving something to someone as gift, there is one item that will never go out-of-trend and that is photo frame. For years, this has been a preferred and much-loved gift item for almost everyone. We all have gifted photo frames to our loved ones at some...

Reasons to Choose Wooden Accessories Online

These days, who does not like wooden accessories? But, it was not always the case, not even before 5 years. People were not ready to understand that beautiful and durable accessories can be made by wood. But thinking of those people changed when they saw beautiful wooden creations which look...

“WooderLand”: The Dreamland of Beautiful Customized Wooden Creations!

Is collecting latest accessories your favourite hobby? Then you probably know how popular wooden accessories have become in the fashion and gadget world recently. Actually I’m saying the least, these accessories are now everywhere! Gen Y is going crazy for wooden creations like wooden portrait, wooden phone cases, rulers, wooden...

Gift Yourself Something Unique: Invest in Wooden Phone Cases

Wooden phone case! Are they really usable? Is anyone capable enough to make a beautiful wooden phone case? These questions are very common to arise. That’s because, Most of the consumers of phone cases are accustomed to phone covers that are mostly made of plastic, metal and leather. 

3 Popular Reasons Why Buying Wooden Accessories Online are More Advantageous

After the invention of wooden accessories, it has continued to be all the way more popular with time. But, its fame has reached its pick in recent years. Reasons behind this popularity are several. Most of the people, mainly the young generation these days, find it extremely fashionable and long-lasting.

What Makes Wooden Phone Cases so Special? Find the Answer Here!

We’ve seen a variety of products made of wood: from kitchen tools, dinnerware, musical instruments, home accessories to an entire house and building. What these things have in common is that most of these are household ones. But today, people have not confined their capability of the invention only in household...

Beneficial Factors of Using Wooden Keyrings You Didn’t Knew About!

The popularity of essential wooden products like wooden keyrings has been unbelievable in the last few years. Among all the wooden accessories available, like rulers, phone cases, wooden wireless chargers, air pod cases etc. wooden keyrings are all the way more popular amongst people.

3 Useful Tips to Follow When Buying Wooden Creations Online Safely

Wooden creations are getting more and more popular. Especially the accessories like wooden portrait, wooden phone cases, rulers, wooden key rings, air pods cases, wireless charger etc. Today, you will see these products everywhere!  Gen Y is in love with these cool accessories.

Introduce Natural Elements Into Your Life With Wooden Products

  At Wooderland, our small Cyprus based team specializes in making unique wood-engraved accessories that fit into your daily life. Whatever your design, your idea, or your passion, we can take it and incorporate it into a custom item, made just for you. Here are just some of the reasons...