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“WooderLand”: The Dreamland of Beautiful Customized Wooden Creations!

Is collecting latest accessories your favourite hobby? Then you pro...
Beautiful customized wooden creations

Is collecting latest accessories your favourite hobby? Then you probably know how popular wooden accessories have become in the fashion and gadget world recently. Actually I’m saying the least, these accessories are now everywhere! Gen Y is going crazy for wooden creations like wooden portrait, wooden phone cases, rulers, wooden key rings, air pods cases, wireless chargers etc. You surely have seen them all and dreamt of making them your own, haven’t you? These wooden products are very fashionable and very classy to look at. Not only that, but these items also have noticeable environmental advantages. In case you don’t know, these wooden items are less damaging and very sustainable for our environment. 

Now, the question is, from where can you get your favourite wooden creations? Sorry, but not all the shops have equally good products, especially brick-and-mortar shops. Most of them have limited products and quality is not that good. Even some online shops can’t give you high-quality products.

Now, you don’t have to worry as we “WooderLand”, are here to offer you quality wooden products that are even amazingly customisable according to your choice. Below, let’s find out which wooden products you can expect from our shop.

WOODEN PHONE CASES: This is probably the most popular item we are retailing for a lot of years now. Unique phone case lovers love to buy it for their own and customise it reflecting their personality. Are you thinking of giving your beloved friend a unique gift? Then choose to give these. You can customise it with a beautiful design engraved on its front or backside. Made of real wood, these wooden phone cases are durable, elegant and very affordable to be perfect a gift for someone.

WOODEN PORTRAIT: just imagine how cool it will look to have a wooden frame with a beautiful picture of yours engraved on it! Amazing! Right? This is exactly the thing we can make for you. Just upload your image and our professionals will engrave that on a natural finished piece of wood. Moreover, you can choose to add your text on it. Just write us your personalized text or a beautiful quote you love. This will add a special uniqueness to that portrait. You can also surprise your girlfriend by gifting her frame, with a romantic picture of you two engraved in it. 


There are occasions when a small gift says everything about your feelings or with a big gift one needs a small personalised gift that shows that extra care and affection. Are you looking for that small gift for a special date? Then check out those small keyrings customised with names in our shop. You’ll surely like those.


What about owning a beautiful and perfectly-made wooden ruler for your school, college, office or home? Not only we can make an attractive wooden ruler, but we can also engrave your name or any text on it which will make it look even more unique. The choice will be yours of course!

In addition to these customised wooden creations, we can also offer you wooden air pods case and wooden wireless chargers. Seeing our products may entice you more to contact us and let us create your personalised wooden products.