by Charis Hadjigeorgiou

5 Unique Wooden Gift Ideas for Family & Friends

Are you having a hard time deciding what gift you should buy for yo...
Wooden Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Are you having a hard time deciding what gift you should buy for your loved one? You are in the right place! Figuring out what gift to buy can sometimes be really confusing, especially if you don’t have any idea about the recipient’s personal preferences. Of course, you would want to get something very meaningful and thoughtful, however, studies suggest that people appreciate something that is more useful to them, particularly, if they receive it as a gift. How about custom, wood-based items?

5 Unique Wooden Gift Ideas for Family and Friends

In this blog, we are sharing 5 unique wooden gift ideas for family and friends that you can consider as a gifting option:

1. A Stylish Phone Case

Phone cases serve a variety of purposes. In addition to offering protection to our phones against scratch, spills, and physical damage, they also enhance their look. If your loved one owns a flagship smartphone by premium brands, such as iPhone, Samsung, or Huawei, they would probably appreciate a high-quality custom case/cover. But why go for an ordinary case? Try the wooden option that not only looks gorgeous but also increases the durability of your phones. If you are looking for custom gift ideas, a wooden phone case/cover is a great choice.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Phone Cases

2. An Elegant Watch

When it comes to making a style statement, watches are an important fashion accessory. Though there are numerous brands in the market offering all sorts of watches, wooden watches are gaining a lot of popularity among men as well as women due to their elegant looks and eco-friendly designs. Also, they can be paired with virtually any outfit to add a touch of sophistication to the look. So, if you are searching online for wooden gift ideas, especially in wearables, hand-made watches can be a good option.

Wooden Gift Ideas- Wooden Watch

3. A Beautiful Portrait

Portraits make for truly amazing gift ideas for friends and family—purely because of the sentimental value they create. They are a great way to express how much you care for your loved ones. You can crystallize a good memory of you and your friend or a family member in a beautiful, customized wooden portrait full of feelings. No matter the occasion, be it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, or anniversary, this gift option turns out great every single time.

Wooden Gift Ideas - Wooden Portraits

4. A Wireless Charger

Technology is changing rapidly and a lot of people, these days, have already shifted from wired to wireless charging solutions. These chargers not only prevent us from the hassles of managing wires but also allow universal compatibility (with integrated Qi). But again, why go for a regular wireless charger if you want to buy/gift one? Custom wooden wireless chargers offer the same functionality with personalized artwork and added protection against short circuits, heating, and overcharging problems. Check them out!

Wooden Gift Ideas - Wireless Charger

5. An AirPods Case

AirPods, as we all know, are known for their great sound quality—and probably the most important accessory for iPhone users. Though the earbuds might not need additional protection, per se, simply because they are kept in the charging case, the plastic case can surely be replaced by a beautiful wooden case for that extra durability and unbeatable looks. These cases are hand-made with premium quality materials and laser-cut with precision for a seamless, beautiful design.

Gift Ideas - Wooden Airpods

Final Thoughts

The whole idea of gifting someone is giving them something that is memorable and adds value to their lives. Mentioned-above are a few fabulous wooden gift ideas for family members that you can consider for virtually any occasion.
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