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Wood Photo Prints – Make Your Best Memory Last Lifelong

Have you ever thought of printing some of your best photos on wood?...
Wood Photo Prints – Make Your Best Memory Last Lifelong

Have you ever thought of printing some of your best photos on wood? If you want your photos to appear as strikingly good to others, the best option available to you is to go for wood photo prints. Woods make a nice canvas for printing your photos and make the memory last for a long, long time. And also, there are a number of advantages of selecting wood as your photo material.

This is a nice option to preserve your memory in a very exceptional way. You will not notice wood photos in many houses since people are not really aware of its advantages. However, over the last few years, wood prints are becoming popular and it is gradually becoming a style statement for those who use it.

This is very soft and soothing for your eyes. When you look at wood photo prints and then shift your eyes to the wall or anything else in the room, it doesn’t cause any uncomfortable stress on your eyes.

Photos that Look Good on Wood Print

Now, before we talk about the advantages of using wood as the photo frame, let’s know what kind of photos look great on wood frames.  

Basically, the kind of images that looks good on wood are:

  1. i) Photos with bright lights and soft backgrounds
  2. ii) Illustrations or vector paintings

iii) Art works on white backgrounds

If you use wood photo frames for photos with bright lights and soft backgrounds, then you will be able to enjoy a very vintage look out of it. The natural wood colour is somewhat yellow and this offers a sepia tone to your photo.

If you use illustrations on wood frames, then this would look excellent. This will make you feel that the photo is created on the wood itself.

With pictures with white backgrounds, basically the idea is to apply the wood color as the background. This totally changes the mood of the photo and makes your memory even more joyful.

Advantages of using Wood Photo Prints

One of the best things about wood prints is that it lasts for a very long tie. If you can take a little care of it, this will stay with you for a lifetime. Wood, as a material is very easily moldable with the right skill and offers a long-lasting impact. There is no problem if the frame gets broken into pieces. Even if it falls from a distance, it will not break.

Wood photo prints are very easy to maintain. With a very little precaution and cleaning practice, you can make your photo new-like for a long time. And this cost very little or nothing most of the time. You can use a soft cloth and water or a little detergent and your frame will look new all over again.

Another good advantage of it is it is 100% natural. Not a single part of it is artificial and it is completely recyclable. It causes zero harm to nature.

If you are looking to create your own wood photo prints, then we can help you out. We are into this business for quite some time now and we know how to make your photo look the best on the wood. Just send us your photo and we will help create the memory.