Wooden Wireless Charger

€ 21

The future of charging our mobile devices is wireless, so why not upgrade your wireless charging game with a beautiful wooden version.

Our Wooden Wireless Charger is perfect for safely and quickly charge your devices without causing any damage. Our charger is equipped with temperature protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection and so much more. 


Practical and beautiful, update your nightstand look with this gorgeous, minimalist charging station.

Just put your phone on the charger and enjoy a quick - no cable hustle charging. 

Wooderland Wireless Charger - Designed to enhance your experience with technology.

Natural materials are a perfect compliment to your technology.

A reverance to authentic materials, minimal yet stylish design, and an enhancement to your space. We’ve focused on the details to design the best wooden wireless phone charger, making an elegant complement to your device. Natural wood provides an ideal rest stop for a smartphone. Our simple and elegant design is universal, which means we can make a charging block from any of the gorgeous hardwood species we use for our handmade wooden wireless charger. Material is at the core of all the design choices that we make. The materials we work with are a reflection of ourselves.

Wooderland is devoted to joining sustainable materials with advanced technology. Made from 100% natural wood, by their nature every wooden accessory is unique from all others.

Wooden Wireless Charger

€ 21

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