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Introduce Natural Elements Into Your Life With Wooden Products


At Wooderland, our small Cyprus based team specializes in making unique wood-engraved accessories that fit into your daily life. Whatever your design, your idea, or your passion, we can take it and incorporate it into a custom item, made just for you.

Here are just some of the reasons deciding to purchase a custom wooden item from our shop makes a positive impact on your life, and on the planet!


Bring Nature to Your Daily Routine


Think about it. Is there anything you’re more attached to on a daily basis than your phone? We all carry them in our hands or pockets most of the day, checking them, using them to connect with the world and those we love.

We use them for business, making calls, making deals and keeping up with tasks and emails while on the go. At night, we stash them under our pillows or store them next to us on our nightstands.


Given how often your phone is in your hands or within line of sight, why not make it beautiful and natural-looking with a custom engraved wood case from our shop? Our team will custom engrave a unique design, so your phone will be functional, personal, and beautiful. Wouldn’t you rather look at beautiful, natural, wood grain, as opposed to yet another plastic case? Us too!


To see all of our phone case options click here ( and to browse some of the creative engravings our clients have ordered click here (


Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Our custom portraits and keyrings make perfect gifts for family and friends. Choose a beautiful, natural gift you can give to everyone on your list. Make each one unique, or create matching items for a group.


Just think of the bespoke wedding party gifts you can create as a way of saying thank you!


To see our portraits click here ( and keyrings click here ( - Would Not Link Until Products Are Added)


Find Out More Here!

To learn more about our small team and the passion we put into our products visit our about page ( here.  We hope you’ll love our beautiful, natural, sustainable, and custom-designed wooden products.






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