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The future of charging our mobile devices is wireless, so why not upgrade your wireless charging game with a beautiful wooden version.

Our Wooden Wireless Charger is perfect for safely and quickly charge your devices without causing any damage. Our charger is equipped with temperature protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection and so much more. 

Practical and beautiful, update your nightstand look with this gorgeous, minimalist charging station.


Just put your phone on the charger and enjoy a quick - no cable hustle charging


*Important note: Before you order make sure that your phone can charge wirelessly.


Step 1: Choose the model of your phone and then the wood of your choice.

Step 2: Write in the text section any text/or upload any photo you want us to engrave. Then, proceed with the order.

Step 3: We check the photo and the text and we proceed with the design! If we have any concerns about your design we will contact you.

Step 4: We proceed with the engraving.

Step 5 : We send it to you with love!


The brighet and the clearer it is, the better will look on your creation. It should not necessarily be taken from a proffesional camera. A clear and bright photo from your mobile can work too! Well, we will make it work!

Wood type:

For detailed photos or designs (faces etc.) we recommend bamboo or cherry wood for better contrast.

Orders for non-customized products are shipped out within 1 working day. Customized products are shipped out within 2-3 working days.

Domestic shipping & delivery (Cyprus)

Domestic shipping (Cyprus) is free and delivery takes 1 working day.

Europe shipping & delivery

Shipping to Europe is free and delivery takes 5-8 working days.

International shipping & delivery

International shipping is free and delivery takes 6-10 working days.

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Customer Reviews

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